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Placement Activity

Placement Activity
  • Orientation Program
  • Personality Assessment Test
  • Guest Lecture Series
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Allotment of Summer/Project Training Seats
  • Registration for Placement
  • Final Placement
  • Employer’s Feedback
Pre Placement Talk

The pre placement talks provide a valuable opportunity to our students to have an interaction with the corporate representative. Through this process, they come to know about the company offerings including expected job profile, job locations, salary components and the probable career growth paths available. Companies give a brief presentation, followed by the Q & A session of students

Summer Training Assistance

Students are required to undergo summer training for 6-8 weeks after completing the second semester. The process starts with interaction with different repute organizations who select management graduates from premier/reputed management institutions regularly. We maintain a database of the organizations where our students had been/can be placed for summer training. Further, every year we progressively add the names of other organizations that are interested in allowing our students to undertake summer training in their organizations.

Employability Enhancement Program

Employability Enhancement Programme

Keeping in view the current employability scenario of Engineering and Management students, we at SMS Lucknow have endeavoured to develop a course curriculum under the name of Employability Enhancement Program (EEP). Through this initiative we wish to improve the employability of our students by focusing on reducing the important skill gaps by incorporating improvements in curriculum and teaching methods. A full-fledged course curriculum for EEP has been designed focusing on the Industry requirements.

It includes two significant aspects i.e. A. Aptitude & Reasoning B. communication Skills.

     A. Aptitude & Reasoning:

  1. EEP has designed classes to better the aptitude ability of our students. As we are familiar with the fact that aptitude involves our ability to learn or excel in a specific area. Let’s say if someone has a strong aptitude for logic and math, they may excel in careers involving statistics and probability. Some people are naturally inclined to aptitude whereas some want to get a motivation to make skills better. So, our team of experts provides information on aptitude and helps the learners utilize their talents and skills to excel professionally. The easy techniques and methods can usher them grow along with time and practice. This module has two papers i.e. A. Logical Reasoning & B. Quantitative Aptitude.
  2.       B: Communication Skills:

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.

-Brian Tracy 

Communication and Negotiation skills play a vital role in our personal and professional lives. Hence, we have a special focus on the skill development of our students in professional and non-professional courses. The Employability Enhancement Program gives the learners an edge over their competitors. This soft skills course is designed for the students of B Tech, MBA, Diploma and UG Courses.

To enhance the level of spoken English of our students, we teach the practical implementation of English Grammar. The content taught in all the professional & non-professional courses is designed to develop students’ Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Reading and Writing skills by having them participate in various activities on each. To do so, we have a team of experts who help the learners to understand the nitty-gritty of English as a language. 

We’ve various activities based on the following topics to hone the communication skills of our students: 

Verbal & Non-verbal Communication 

  • Day to day interaction
  • Presentation Skills
  • Body Language
  • Written communication
  • Attitude & Empathy

Technical Communication:

  • Technical Writing
  • Resume Writing 

  • Job/Cover Letter

  • Email Etiquettes

We have also collaborated with organizations like IBM and other specialized training providers to impart training to our students on latest technologies like Cloud computing, .NET, Solid Works, CNC machine Training etc. The overall focus of EEP is on the holistic development of a student’s personality to make him/her suitable for industrial/corporate roles. To attain this objective the dedicated faculty and staff of SMS Lucknow have left no stone unturned.

EEP Course Outline: 


COURSE OBJECTIVE: The course aims at improving the numerical ability and analytical reasoning of students in alignment with the corporate requirements during recruitment and selection process

COURSE COMPOSITION:                         

1. UNIT 1:                                                                

Fundamental of aptitude, Calculation tricks, Square, Cube, Square root, Cube root, Indices, Surds.

2. UNIT 2:

Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount, Simple and Compound Interest, Average, Ratio & Proportion, Partnership

3. UNIT 3:                                                                                             

Time & Work, Pipe & Cistern, Mixture & Allegation, Time Speed & Distance, Number System, Geometry,  Algebra, Menstruation,  DI ( Bar, Caslate, Spider etc)                                             

4. UNIT 4:                                                                                            

Coding & Decoding, Number Series, Missing Number, Clock & calendar, Ranking & Order, Direction, Mirror Image

5. UNIT 5:                                                                                             

Syllogism, Blood relation, Statement & Argument, Puzzle (Floor based, Rectangle based, 2variable, 3variable) 

Recommended Texts:-

  1. Dinesh Khattar : Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude (Pearson)

  1. KiranPrakashan : Quickest Mathematics (KiranPrakashan)

  1. Tyra and Kundan : Quicker Maths(BSC Publications)

  1. Tyra and Kundan : Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency &Series (BSC Publishing)

  1. R S Aggarwal : A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (S.Chand)

  1. Rajesh Verma: Fasttrack Objective arithmetic (Arihant)  Rajesh Verma    


  1.  Pt. Ramnandan Shashtri : Vedic Mathematic MADE EASY (Arihant)

  1.  BS Sijwali  : A new approach to reasoning verbal & non-verbal (Arihant Publications) 

 B. English/Soft Skills:

     The course aims at improving the English speaking and communication abilities of students in                    alignment    with the corporate requirements during recruitment and selection process.


  Unit 1:  

  Sentence Formation & Pronunciation

   Unit 2:

   Vocabulary Building & Spoken English Practice

   Unit 3:

   How to be Effective Communicator: Verbal & Non-verbal Communication

   Unit 4:

   Presentation Practice: Impromptu/Prepared

   Unit 5:

   Group Discussions/Mock PI Motivation & Stress Management

    * Interdisciplinary Discussions on current Macroeconomic issues, changing business scenario, HR issues, current affairs         etc.

    Unit 6:

    Technical Written Communication: Resume Building & Job/Cover Letters, Email Etiquettes

     Recommended Texts:-       

  1.  Wren and Martin            : English Grammar (S Chand Publishing)

  2. Norman Lewis : Word Power made Easy (W R Goyal Publishers)

  3. Bovee, Thill, Schatzman : Business Communication Today (Pearson)

  4. Dr. Madhu Rani & S Verma : Technical Communication (Acme Learning)

  5. Ken Taylor             : Business English (Orient Blackswan)


Our Recruiters



Internships provide students with hands-on learning experience as they gain a glimpse into the real world, giving them a front-row seat to a potential career choice. They go into the internship thinking they want to work at a specific company or in a specific industry and come out of the internship either having confirmed those thoughts or having decided to pursue something completely different.

The Summer Internship/Project Training is an integral part of our Management & Engineering programs and aims at achieving the following objectives by well-defined POLICY.

  • Application of knowledge and techniques learnt in the first year to real business problems and to test out and enrich one’s understanding, knowledge and skills.
  • Providing an insight into the working of the real organizations.
  • To develop interpersonal relationship with key management personnel in the Organization.
  • Gaining deeper understanding in specific functional areas.
  • Helps in exploring career opportunities in their areas of interest.
Internship Duration:
  • MBA/PGDM/UG Program: 6 Weeks
  • B.Tech./Diploma Program: 6 to 8 Weeks
Companies for Summer Internship

Training & Placement Cell

Training & Placement

Duly appreciating the paramount significance and unparalleled contributions of the industry-institute dyadic interactions, School of Management Sciences has top priority to more lively and meaningful linkages with a myriad of industrial houses. Accordingly, the Institute has established a full fledged and well-equipped Training and Placement Cell which provides active support to the students of various courses in getting quality industrial training as well as final placements.

SMS has always appreciated and given due importance to establishing linkages with industry, for the purpose of placing its students. Accordingly, the Institute has established a full-fledged and well-equipped Training and Placement Cell which provides active support to the students of various courses in getting quality summer as well as final placements. SMS maintains an outstanding trading of 100 percent placements.

Training and Placement Cell of the Institute is involved in the following functions and is endowed with the following distinctive features:

  • Full-fledged nodal offices at Noida and Mumbai, working round the year, and maintaining constant interaction with industries.
  • Hosting Interface sessions with representatives of business organisations at different metros.
  • Regular visits of Faculty Members to the various business houses of repute in the country for creating industry-academia linkages.
  • Inviting top business executives and business magnet to interact with the students.
  • Permanent membership of 'National HRD Network'
  • Organising Mock Interviews and Group Discussions with the experts to develop the confidence levels of the students and to prepare them for the vagaries of the world.
  • Arranging Summer Training for the students to groom their vision for the forthcoming corporate life.
  • Organising Seminars and Conferences at various locations in India.
  • Undertaking projects from the industry for practical exposure to the students which form part of their curriculum.
  • Industrial visits for the students.

Dr. Jagdish Singh

Chairman (Corporate Affairs)


Dear Corporate Leaders,

I consider it to be an honour and opportunity to present a group of young, dynamic individuals who have been groomed to face challenges that lie ahead for them in the industry and corporate world as a whole. The Institute fosters and nurtures leaders capable of making difference in the management of corporate and non-sectors. It inculcates human values and professional ethics in the students, which help them, make decisions and create path that are good not only for them, but also are good for the society, for the nation.

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